The end of the Road….for the disrupted librarians

Well, I’m finally done monitoring the website Disrupted Librarians Technology Jester journal. It was really focused on the politics of plagarism. Most of the articles I read were about a huge chunk of money being handed over by some big business. They also addressed the emotional distress caused to publishers and printing companies when they find out a writer is publishing some stuff online as well as on paper. There was obviously some diversity but after the first few weeks I became disinterested with their fixation.

I wasn’t sure where to sign up for the Web 2.0 projects. So I went with facebook and flickr. For facebook I posted a few questions. How often do you get on, what’s your fave feature, and how often do they “creep” on other profiles. One used it to update everyone on her kids and used it everyday, a few people didn’t have a favorite feature because its mostly just status’s and things of that nature. Everyone likes it because it’s free.

On the Flickr account I only got so far as to take the pics of my library, I’ll have them uploaded by next week and can share a link for my fans 😛

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I’ve been using Delicious on and off since we got the assignment. I like the site. It’s free, there are all kinds of pictures, and the tags are descriptive. The downfall is that the tags are too descriptive and I get too many hits for the same word. On other occasinos it was specific enough that only a few things popped up. I typed in bunny and get hits from seductive websites as well as a great link to a website for books on “bunny language”. Absolutely delightful. Ocean got me links to business’s dealing with insurace as well as activist’s pages. Overall I really enjoyed learning to use the site.
Professionals would most likely use Delicious to get photo’s for presentations or to research what people see when they think of a certain word.
My main strategy was to start with something broad, look at my options, and narrow it down from there. It’s effective for me because I never know exactly what I’m looking for until I find it.
I will use it a lot while doing powerpoints and presentations for class. That’s probably the only time I’d use it.

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Delicious accounts, Disrupted Librarians, and Skype

Skype, skype, skype. I absolutely loathe online face chats. I don’t have the equipment, or the time, or the internet available at a convenient time. I understand how it works but want nothing to do with it. Mostly because I don’t need things like Skype or have any interest in using them.

The Disrupted Librarian brought me a few stories of the new Nook and how it’s setting the prospective reading technology world on fire. Also, a ruling by a judge that decided streaming was aking to a public performance. There weren’t that many new stories and I have to say it was a little disappointing this time around.

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Disrupted or Obsessing??

I’ve been monitoring the Disrupted Library Technology Jester for the last few weeks, and they don’t update v ery often. When they do I’ve noticed that it mainly focuses on people or companies that are being sued for plagarism, or the constant war between people that assume they have publishing rights.

The topics this week are a little beyond me. I don’t understand hardware very well, and computers just don’t like me. I single-handedly shut down an entire computer lab at school, and still don’t know how I did it. I don’t know anything about cables and I really don’t want to take this upcoming Connector’s Quiz, because I have a very difficult time remembering things like that. I already knew about LAN’s and WAN’s. A group of friends one time got together and formed a LAN to play online on a video game together. Some of it’s familiar but i’m definitely struggling on it.

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Creative Commons!!!

The photo was taken by Dominic and the license only said Some Rights Reserved

If the music works, it’s from Traumedary- HOMF and I found it on Jamba

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Session 5, Google and songs

As I was perusing the web page of the Disrupted Librarians Technology Jester this week I found a few good articles. As lucky as I was to find a few new one’s to myself, I noticed that most were dated around the middle of the month, and isn’t updated as frequently as I would prefer. However I did find those articles and I’ll share them with you now.

Here is a link for two articles, one is a song sung when a man found out about the tax cuts facing library’s today. The song itself can be found on Creative Commons. I brought it up because it’s moving that someone felt so strongly that they would write a song and then post it on the Creative Commons page to “spread it far and wide”. The coincidence of his choosing that particular website this paticular week was not lost to me.

The next article is about how Google analyzes and update the algorithms they use to narrow our searches everyday. It’s definitely more informative than most 4 min videos I’ve watched. It’s easy to just punch in the search but it’s always good to find out how the search engines we use casually are so complicated.

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RSS reaction

I tried the RSS thing. I was really confused and decided to go with the Google Reader because I can at least recognize both of those things lol. It’s definitely new to me but I can see how it could be useful.

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