Hey my name’s Brandi (: and I go to school at Ivy Tech for the moment. I’m hoping to transfer in a few semesters but since I’m not sure what I’m going for anymore I’m not sure how well that will work out for me. I live in Fort Wayne. It’s way bigger than my hometown but its still just a town on steroids.

I currently work at a hardware store as a cashier. It was me against 86 other applicants so it felt pretty good to beat them all out. This class in interesting to me because of the blogs, I’ve never worked with them before but they’re pretty easy and have to say its a nice change of pace from the discussion board. I hope to gain a better understanding of the tools I may be required to use one day. Hmm… I take a special interest in researching all different types of drugs and what they do, how they feel, what they look like. I’m sort of into psychology that way, but I also enjoy learning the social aspect of it, and that’s where my current Sociology class comes in.

The first link is to the Whats Up Fort Wayne publication. Its really popular and a lot of people look it up to find something to do that evening

Lol this is where I work……that’s my boss… 😛

This is me and one of my best friends. We had a good night (:

  This one is of me by myself…waiting for somebody to get done doing something…I don’t really recall

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