Trying to keep up…

I just began watching The Disrupted Librarian webpage this week. I went through the home page and perused lists of the articles. A lot of them had to with publishing issues. The one I took the most interest in was a lawsuit filed by a group of librarians against a company because it was distributing orphan works. The article states that the group has little hope of winning, but will at least gain some attention to their struggle against such distribution. It also contained a short story of an author’s own experience when a publisher learned he had previously published two electronic works. He said they “went ballistic”, screaming at him over the phone about his so-called betrayal. Obviously the battle between money-making business’s in the publishing business is getting more and more intense. I’m so torn between the two because online reading is a good thing. It’s easier to get work out there but at the same time, it’s bleeding the authors dry.

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