Session 5, Google and songs

As I was perusing the web page of the Disrupted Librarians Technology Jester this week I found a few good articles. As lucky as I was to find a few new one’s to myself, I noticed that most were dated around the middle of the month, and isn’t updated as frequently as I would prefer. However I did find those articles and I’ll share them with you now.

Here is a link for two articles, one is a song sung when a man found out about the tax cuts facing library’s today. The song itself can be found on Creative Commons. I brought it up because it’s moving that someone felt so strongly that they would write a song and then post it on the Creative Commons page to “spread it far and wide”. The coincidence of his choosing that particular website this paticular week was not lost to me.

The next article is about how Google analyzes and update the algorithms they use to narrow our searches everyday. It’s definitely more informative than most 4 min videos I’ve watched. It’s easy to just punch in the search but it’s always good to find out how the search engines we use casually are so complicated.

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