Disrupted or Obsessing??

I’ve been monitoring the Disrupted Library Technology Jester for the last few weeks, and they don’t update v ery often. When they do I’ve noticed that it mainly focuses on people or companies that are being sued for plagarism, or the constant war between people that assume they have publishing rights.

The topics this week are a little beyond me. I don’t understand hardware very well, and computers just don’t like me. I single-handedly shut down an entire computer lab at school, and still don’t know how I did it. I don’t know anything about cables and I really don’t want to take this upcoming Connector’s Quiz, because I have a very difficult time remembering things like that. I already knew about LAN’s and WAN’s. A group of friends one time got together and formed a LAN to play online on a video game together. Some of it’s familiar but i’m definitely struggling on it.

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