I’ve been using Delicious on and off since we got the assignment. I like the site. It’s free, there are all kinds of pictures, and the tags are descriptive. The downfall is that the tags are too descriptive and I get too many hits for the same word. On other occasinos it was specific enough that only a few things popped up. I typed in bunny and get hits from seductive websites as well as a great link to a website for books on “bunny language”. Absolutely delightful. Ocean got me links to business’s dealing with insurace as well as activist’s pages. Overall I really enjoyed learning to use the site.
Professionals would most likely use Delicious to get photo’s for presentations or to research what people see when they think of a certain word.
My main strategy was to start with something broad, look at my options, and narrow it down from there. It’s effective for me because I never know exactly what I’m looking for until I find it.
I will use it a lot while doing powerpoints and presentations for class. That’s probably the only time I’d use it.

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