The end of the Road….for the disrupted librarians

Well, I’m finally done monitoring the website Disrupted Librarians Technology Jester journal. It was really focused on the politics of plagarism. Most of the articles I read were about a huge chunk of money being handed over by some big business. They also addressed the emotional distress caused to publishers and printing companies when they find out a writer is publishing some stuff online as well as on paper. There was obviously some diversity but after the first few weeks I became disinterested with their fixation.

I wasn’t sure where to sign up for the Web 2.0 projects. So I went with facebook and flickr. For facebook I posted a few questions. How often do you get on, what’s your fave feature, and how often do they “creep” on other profiles. One used it to update everyone on her kids and used it everyday, a few people didn’t have a favorite feature because its mostly just status’s and things of that nature. Everyone likes it because it’s free.

On the Flickr account I only got so far as to take the pics of my library, I’ll have them uploaded by next week and can share a link for my fans 😛

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